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یاد من باشد فردا حتما باور این را بکنم، که دگر فرصت نیست و بدانم که اگر دیر کنم ،مهلتی نیست مرا و بدانم که شبی خواهم رفت و شبی هست، که نیست، پس از آن فردایی

درباره من

یاد من باشد فردا دم صبح جور دیگر باشم بد نگویم به هوا، آب ، زمین مهربان باشم، با مردم شهر و فراموش کنم، هر چه گذشت

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Google domain registration services now available to all in the US

google, domain, godaddy, registration

If you want to register a domain but would rather not use a service like GoDaddy, Google has just opened up their domain registration services to everyone in the United States via a public beta. Previously, the service was only available to a select group of testers via a closed beta, which launched in June last year.

Pricing is fairly typical, starting at $12 per month. Google will provide you with the domain name alongside private registration, support for up to 100 subdomains, domain forwarding and email forwarding to Gmail.

Google has teamed up with a number of companies to help you create websites using your newly acquired domain, including popular website builders and hosts Squarespace, Weebly and Wix. Using these services will cost extra, but will make it easy for you to build a website from the ground up. Blogger is also supported, allowing you to link a new domain and an existing blog with ease.

During the closed beta, Google collected a bunch of useful information that allowed them to improve the service for all users. Search and suggestion services have been tweaked, 60 new domain endings have been added, the dashboard has been simplified, and there's now the ability to browse website template themes and compare the aforementioned building services.

Google domain registration services are only available for those in the United States at this stage. If you're in another country and interested in using Google Domains, you can sign up to receive a notification for when it's ready in your area.

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